Any fool can get you rapid weight loss by telling you to starve your body of calories…

Any fool can get rapid weight loss by telling you to starve your body of calories, and do tons of workouts. (And then tell you that it’s your failure of willpower when you eventually regain all the weight).

Not any fool can teach you how to achieve effortless, automatic, and lasting fat loss–without all of the suffering, deprivation, crazy workout routines, and starving your body of calories–while eating tons of carbs and never feeling hungry.


Effortless fat loss without suffering, starvation, and deprivation is where it’s at. This is the only way it lasts.

Ten pounds that you force off through calorie restriction and crazy workouts will eventually come back, but ten pounds that come off effortlessly will STAY off.

This is what my programs are designed to achieve.


Here is a little email I got yesterday from someone on my Metabolism Supercharge program:

“Fat loss is good, slow and steady. Pants are loose and having to tighten the belt. Lost 6-7kg already…I think I’m losing 0.75-1kg per week. The belly takes the longest. Face, chest, arms all over the fat is reducing well.

I can accelerate the fat loss (if I force myself to eat less), but I’m very happy to be losing fat while eating loads of carbs and eating to fullness…

Libido is through the roof, I’m able to go everyday, and some days, twice a day. The wife is happy.

So I think for just under 3 months on your program, I’m tracking well.

I don’t feel like an 80 year old man anymore…I feel my age (31).”

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