Do you have a case of nutrition myopia?

When I encounter someone who is having struggles with their body composition or their health/energy level, 99% of the time, I find that they have a case of nutrition myopia.

They are myopically focused on analyzing their nutrition as THE source of all their problems. Or sometimes, it is nutrition and exercise myopia–just looking at nutrition and their gym workouts–as the source of the difficulty.

Every once in a while, when some people read my book Forever Fat Loss–they will talk about it like it’s just a “diet” and just ignore all the information about circadian rhythm and movement/sitting–even though they are as important as nutrition, and even more important than the type of workout you do.

Like I said, nutrition myopia.

People almost NEVER really look at their movement/sitting habits, their circadian rhythm-related habits, their stress/de-stressing habits, and their hormonal balance (via blood tests).

Very frequently, perhaps in upwards of 75% of the cases that I deal with, their biggest problem is NOT nutrition or exercise. In fact, many of the people I work with have their nutrition and exercise routines dialed in pretty decently. They typically have one or more of those factors–movement/sitting, stress, circadian rhythm, or hormones–that is COMPLETELY out of whack.

In fact, even if your nutrition and exercise is spot on perfect, any ONE of these factors can completely sabotage your fat loss efforts and your efforts to feel energetic and healthy.

* If circadian rhythm is disrupted, it will throw off the appetite regulation center of your brain and slow down your metabolism–shifting the balance of calories in,calories out towards fat gain rather than fat loss.

* If you’re stressed out all the time, it will increase stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and suppress youth hormones (DHEA, progesterone, and thyroid hormone) which are all essential for a fast metabolism and fat loss.

* If you’re sitting for prolonged periods each day of more than 2 hours, multiple times a day, you’re going to cause insulin resistance, you’re going to erase most or all of the benefits of the workouts you’re doing, you’re going to get decreased mitochondria (the cellular energy generators), and your metabolism is going to slow down.

* If you have estrogen dominance and low progesterone, it will decrease thyroid hormone’s ability to enter the cell (even if you have normal levels of thyroid hormone in the blood), and if thyroid hormone isn’t entering your cell, your metabolism is going to slow down. If you have low thyroid hormone, fat loss essentially becomes impossible–no matter how much dieting or exercise you do.
So don’t fall prey to nutrition and exercise myopia!

Any ONE of these factors can COMPLETELY sabotage your efforts at looking and feeling good.

That is true even if your nutrition and workout routine are dialed in perfectly!

Nutrition and exercise are just 2 of the 6 factors. They are most definitely NOT everything when it comes to looking and feeling good.
To get stellar results in improving your health and putting your body into fat loss mode, you really must get all 6 factors dialed in.
Not just diet and exercise, but also circadian rhythm, movement/sitting, de-stressing, and hormones.

If fat loss is not happening, I can virtually guarantee you that at least ONE of these factors is completely out of whack.

And I can also guarantee you that if your habits are dialed in on all of the 6 factors, you WILL–virtually 100% of the time–improve your health, and increase your energy level dramatically, and begin to lose fat effortlessly (without calorie restriction).

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