Is Cardio Making You FATTER?


Well, according to the latest research done on a group of overweight and obese women, doing four weekly cardio sessions of 30-60 minutes actually caused them to GAIN BODY FAT!

Think about that for a moment.

You can go from being relatively inactive to all of the sudden adopting an intense fat loss cardio program where you add four 30-60 minute cardio workouts per week onto your normal routine…

* 3 months of workouts.

* 48 workouts between 30-60 minutes long.

* Over 2,000 minutes of total cardio exercise.

* Over 20,000 total calories burned.

And at the end of all that work, you can expect to not only to have failed to lose any body fat, but to actually be FATTER!

You burned 20,000 calories but you didn’t lose any body fat? How is that possible?

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Study reference:
“The effect of a 3-month moderate-intensity physical activity program on body composition in overweight and obese African American college females.” Osteoporosis International. 8/11/2014

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