Is Your Circadian Rhythm Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Efforts?

Many people think of fat loss as a simple matter of “diet and exercise.”

What they often are totally unaware of is the fact that other NON-diet and NON-exercise habits, like N.E.A.T. and especially CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, are just as important–or even more important–than diet and exercise.

And most people aren’t even addressing these factors AT ALL!

We already have research showing that disrupted circadian rhythm will BOTH:

1) Slow your metabolism
2) Disrupt appetite regulation in the brain and cause you to eat more.

The combination of those two things shifts the calories in, calories out equation towards fat storage.

Here’s the kicker: Most people living in the modern world have CHRONICALLY DISRUPTED circadian rhythm!

Even when you are TRYING consciously to eat less and work out, if your circadian rhythm is disrupted, it’s going to alter your body’s calories in, calories out equation to sabotage your body’s fat loss efforts.

What this new study showed is that it actually directly disrupts the body fat set-point mechanism in the brain (causes leptin resistance), which will , over time, RAISE your set-point.

So… if you aren’t adopting strategies to optimize your circadian rhythm (like the foundational strategies in my book, and the advanced strategies in my Metabolism Supercharge program), well, get on it!

Getting your circadian rhythm optimized is incredibly important for being energetic, for health, and for having a beautiful lean body.

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