POTATO DIET for 60 days?

What happens if you go on an all potato diet for 60 days?

Literally, we’re talking about eating NOTHING except potatoes. 20 potatoes a day.

According to the low-carb gurus, this high glycemic starchy vegetable spikes insulin levels and makes you fat. White potatoes are often blamed by some so-called “experts” as a major cause of obesity. It has even been banned in school lunches in the U.S.

So what happens when you eat nothing but potatoes?

Here’s obesity researcher Stephan Guyenet talking about potatoes:

“The evidence (on potatoes) showed that potatoes are non-toxic, filling per calorie, remarkably nutritious, and can be eaten as almost the sole source of nutrition for extended periods of time (though I’m not recommending this). Traditional South American cultures such as the Quechua and Aymara have eaten potatoes as the major source of calories for generations without any apparent ill effects (3). This is particularly interesting since potatoes are one of the highest glycemic and most insulin-stimulating foods known.

Potatoes appear not to cause fat gain, and in fact frequently cause fat loss and improve metabolic health in people who are overweight. The Washington Potato Commissioner Chris Voigt illustrated this in his two month potato-only diet, during which he lost 20 lbs and greatly improved his metabolic and cardiovascular biomarkers without feeling hungry.

This year, a fascinating thread appeared in the Mark’s Daily Apple forum. Apparently inspired by an exchange with Ray Cronise, someone decided to go on a potato diet and began losing weight rapidly (6). The thread snowballed as other people joined in and found that they were also losing weight rapidly on the potato diet (potatoes, sometimes with a small amount of added fat). It is worth noting that most of these people were coming from a primal-style low-carbohydrate diet.”


I find this endlessly hilarious….

Hardcore Paleo low-carbers going on an all-potato diet to lose weight!

DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating going on an all potato diet. But if you were to choose a single food to live off, it would probably be the best choice.

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