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Think sugar is the cause of the obesity epidemic? Think again!

If you think sugar is the main reason people get fat, consider this: Over the last 15-20 years (since it has become common to demonize sugar), the consumption of sugar in the U.S. has actually declined significantly. However, the incidence of obesity is STILL increasing, as sugar consumption is decreasing. That’s a bit odd, right? […]

Reverse the Brain Damage Caused By Overeating?

New study from obesity scientist Stephan Guyenet showing that leptin resistance in the brain (the primary defect associated with obesity) can be reversed in rodents WITHOUT forced calorie restriction by making one simple change: Following a diet of unrefined food. First step is put the rodents on a high fat diet so they become leptin […]

Do You Need to Eat Fat to Burn Fat?

One thing that is commonly promoted by low-carb gurus is the notion that “YOU NEED TO EAT FAT IN ORDER TO BURN FAT” In other words, in contrast to eating carbs, eating dietary fat “stimulates your body to burn off body fat.” So where did this idea come from? And is there any truth to […]

Is Your Circadian Rhythm Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Efforts?

Many people think of fat loss as a simple matter of “diet and exercise.” What they often are totally unaware of is the fact that other NON-diet and NON-exercise habits, like N.E.A.T. and especially CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, are just as important–or even more important–than diet and exercise. And most people aren’t even addressing these factors AT […]

Do you have a case of nutrition myopia?

When I encounter someone who is having struggles with their body composition or their health/energy level, 99% of the time, I find that they have a case of nutrition myopia. They are myopically focused on analyzing their nutrition as THE source of all their problems. Or sometimes, it is nutrition and exercise myopia–just looking at […]

POTATO DIET for 60 days?

What happens if you go on an all potato diet for 60 days? Literally, we’re talking about eating NOTHING except potatoes. 20 potatoes a day. According to the low-carb gurus, this high glycemic starchy vegetable spikes insulin levels and makes you fat. White potatoes are often blamed by some so-called “experts” as a major cause […]

The TRUTH about Low-Carb vs. High-Carb, High-Fat vs. Low-Fat

What happens when you compare the weight loss effectiveness of all the different diets out there? Low-fat vs. Low-carb High-carb vs. High-fat Ultra low carb diets like the Atkins diet vs. vegan ultra high-carb diets like Ornish? As a matter of fact, that study was recently done! Here’s what they found: “Significant weight loss was […]