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Science Compared Every Diet and Found the Winner!

This study may be the single most important nutrition study ever conducted. That’s a bold claim, right? Yes! I do think this study deserves that title. (If not, it’s certainly vying for the top spot). It’s a literature review that analyzed the scientific studies on basically every diet out there, along with everything the studies […]

The First Step to Fixing a Slow Metabolism

There are generally two kinds of people that result from low-calorie or low-carb diets: 1) Those that lose weight initially, and then, within a few months, rebound back to their normal weight or even fatter. 2) Those that lose weight initially, and then when they see their body trying to rebound, they restrict even more, […]

Throw Your Scale Away (And what to do instead of weighing yourself)

Do You Have a Dysfunctional Relationship with Your Scale? I see a pervasive problem among many people I work with: They have a completely counterproductive relationship with their scale. They weigh themselves frequently, and slight fluctuations of a pound, or two, or three are met with incredible disappointment, sadness, and frustration. But the worst part […]

The Unceasing Pursuit of the Magic Pill for Instant Weight Loss

The Unceasing Pursuit of the Magic Pill for Instant Weight Loss As I write this, there are 7 books ranked ahead of me in the weight loss category on Amazon.com. Of those 7, several are starvation diets and extreme calorie restriction or carbohydrate restriction diets. One is a book that myopically fixates on the emotional […]

CHEAT DAYS? Good idea or Bad Idea?

I often get this question from people: “Do you think cheat days are a good idea?” First off, I have personally used extreme and restrictive diets (far beyond what most overweight people typically engage in) for years in the past. And I caused myself a lot of health problems from them. In the past, I […]

How to Escape the Low Calorie and Low-Carb Traps

There are lots of people out there trying to tell you that “calories don’t matter if you just ___________” (insert various dieting/exercise gimmick here). Then they devise some way to basically trick you into lowering your calorie intake: *”don’t eat after 6pm” *”eat low carb” *”eat low fat” *”don’t combine fats with carbohydrates or carbohydrates […]