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Without Any Crazy Diets Or Workout Programs! Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Have You Ever Tried And Failed To Lose Weight?  Do you feel demoralized and disempowered because you keep trying to lose weight and failing?  Do you feel frustrated because you’re locked into the destructive process of Yo-Yo dieting?  Are you sick of unsustainable low-carb and low-calorie diets that maybe give you a little initial weight loss, but ultimately cause you to end up right back where you started? I Feel Your Pain. You’re Not Alone.
And I Want You To Know Something: You Haven’t Failed. The Diet Programs Have Failed You! And...
 They’ve Failed You For One Very Specific Reason: These Approaches Are All Built on Trying to Fight Against Your Biology! What if reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it could be easy?... The answer lies in the new cutting-edge science around re-programming the metabolism and appetite centers of your brain for fat loss... The rest of this letter will introduce you to the new science of PERMANENT fat loss, and how to achieve your ideal weight with less effort than you ever imagined. First, I’m going to show you the science behind why what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. Then I’m going to show you the science behind my cutting-edge new approach to fat loss along with its basic principles. Finally, I’ll show you how my step-by-step program makes achieving and LIVING your ideal weight easier than you could ever imagine. Imagine a future where you are in complete control of your weight and your cravings… The good news is that a future free from regret, guilt and concern over your weight is far more achievable than you might believe… Welcome To The World’s First BRAIN-BASED Fat Loss System (100% backed by real science) That Re-Programs Your Brain for PERMANENT Fat Loss Hi my name is Ari Whitten, #1 bestselling author of the books Forever Fat Loss and The Low Carb Myth and a renowned fitness and nutrition expert with over a decade of experience working with clients to achieve their dream bodies. And what I’m about to share with you will completely change the way you look at fat loss for the rest of your life. By the end of this letter, you’ll have a complete lifestyle solution to effortless and permanent fat loss, through addressing the specific BIOLOGICAL factors that cause you to get fat in the first place! I don’t expect you to immediately believe all of this. After all, we’re living in an age where the internet is completely saturated with a million weight loss products, so you’ve heard thousands of “fast weight loss” and “lose a pound a day” sales pitches before. And it’s actually worse than just that, because our world isn’t just saturated with weight loss products in general, but with the worst kind--psuedoscience, gimmicks, and outright SCAMS that not only fail to achieve lasting results, but often leave you with even more fat, and an even SLOWER metabolism than when you started! So like most intelligent people, you’ve probably learned to be skeptical of EVERYTHING in the realm of weight loss. Rest assured, what you are reading here has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with any other weight loss product on the market. This is real science from a recognized expert in the field and bestselling author, who has written books praised by MDs, personal trainers, and registered dieticians as being a revolutionary advancement in the way we approach fat loss. (You can read these unbiased reviews for yourself on if you don’t believe me). Now before I tell you about this cutting-edge system for reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, let me first tell you what it isn’t…  This is NOT a diet.  This is NOT an exercise program.  This isn’t just another program that asks you to deprive your body 
of calories and carbohydrates and do some crazy exercise routine. This is NOT just another “eat less and exercise more” approach to fat loss like everything else out on the market. This is a radically new and revolutionary approach to fat loss that does NOT involve forcibly restricting calories or doing crazy workout routines. Instead of asking you to starve your body and fight against your biology, this is the first approach that works WITH your biology instead of against it. Seriously.  No carbohydrate restriction.  No counting calories and starving yourself.  No fighting hunger and suffering through hunger pangs.  No “lose a pound a day” juice fasts where you lose lots of weight initially 
and then gain it all back within a few months.  No fad diets.  No crazy and unsustainable workout routines.  No “magic fat burner pills.”  No B.S. promises  No gimmicks  No more suffering and inevitable failures of yo-yo dieting. Just pure, cutting-edge science for PERMANENT fat loss. THIS IS THE FIRST FAT LOSS SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH YOUR BIOLOGY INSTEAD OF AGAINST IT! 95% of people who adopt a diet and exercise weight loss program FAIL. 95%! This isn’t a made-up statistic. This is a scientific fact. So the question is: WHY? After all, we all know that weight loss is a simple matter of “calories in, calories out.” So if the solution is just as simple as eating a little less and doing more workouts, why the heck does virtually everyone fail to keep keep the fat off? Let me quote the brilliant obesity researcher Rudolph Leibel, M.D.:


45 pounds GONE! “I haven’t felt better in my 37 years of life.”

“Hi Ari!

You opened my eyes and made be become a better version of myself thanks to your Forever Fat Loss program.

Today I am 174 pounds in July 2015. The before picture was 8 months ago, before your program, when I was 220 pounds.

I still have a goal and I am still under reconstruction hehe :)  but I haven't feel better in my 37 years of life, plus 174 looks great! People believe I am 145!”

Thanks a lot

-- Tatiana Berindean

“In fact, when you look at the numbers-and they're hard to get, because for a number of reasons, many of the commercial enterprises don't necessarily want to publicize this-the recidivism rate to obesity following what would be considered a successful weight reduction is probably over 95 percent....In the context of this biological picture of the process, what it tells you is that it is not so easy to perturb individuals from [a stable weight level] by the expedient of dieting. One of the things that is not well recognized is the fact that weight loss itself-that is, the actual ability to reduce body weight-is not a particularly difficult problem. If you put human beings on an 800 calorie or 1000 calorie diet, they lose weight. ... But what does characterize the vast majority of humans is that they are very resistant to the maintenance of body weight below whatever ‘normal’ for them is.




Achieving fat loss is supposed to be a very simple thing: Just eat less calories than you burn and you lose fat. Doesn’t get simpler than that.


But the problem is that almost everyone who takes this approach





Let’s me show you why the “eat less and burn more” approach fails for so many people to achieve lasting fat loss, and after that, I’m going to show you a radically different approach that DOES work--re-programming your brain for automatic fat loss.


So here’s why the “eat less and burn more” approach to fat loss fails for 95% of people.


Let’s say you’re 30 pounds overweight right now, and you eat and burn about 2,000 calories per day while maintaining your weight.



Then let’s say you go on a diet where you’re eating only 1,300 calories a day, which is supposed to force your body to burn off 700 calories a day of bodyfat each day...

And if you do this, it DOES seem to work. You will indeed lose weight--at least for a period of time...


But then the weight loss always seems to eventually slow down, and then come to a screeching halt.




Here’s why: After you start eating less calories, instead of just continuing to burn off body fat, your body does something else entirely...

It DECREASES the amount of calories it’s burning to
STOP all fat loss!

Your body SLOWS DOWN and decreases the amount of calories it’s burning to match your new lower calorie intake.


And now you’re achieving precisely ZERO fat loss--despite eating hardly ANYTHING.


And it’s actually WORSE than that...


Because as soon as you increase calories just a little--even if you are still eating far LESS than you do normally--you will start getting FATTER!

The point is that while weight loss can legitimately be viewed as a simple matter of taking in less calories than you’re burning, over 95% of people who do this--even those who are met with wonderful initial results--eventually fail and return to their previous level of body fat.



Not Only Do Diets Fail for 95% of People,
They Actually Make Most People FATTER



To make matters even worse, the latest research indicates that periods of forced food deprivation and restriction tend to create BINGEING behaviors afterwards, and cause most people to get FATTER in the long run.


For example, one of the most important studies on the topic found that "Weight-loss attempts may be associated with subsequent major weight gain, even when several potential confounders are controlled for." (source


As in, the more you engage in unscientific approaches to weight loss, the more you are destined for not just regaining the weight, but actually getting FATTER.


So if you want sustainable and lasting fat loss, the first rule is this: Don’t do the extreme forced restriction diets in the first place!


They’re great if your goal is just short-term fat loss and you don’t care what happens after that--like if you get even FATTER.


But if you want to lose fat and SUSTAIN it, and get progressively LEANER, then you need a fundamentally different approach.


There are two completely different kinds of fat loss:

9 lbs gone in the first 29 days. 6 months later, I’ve not only kept it all off…I’ve actually gotten leaner!

"I have struggled with my weight since childhood and have been on every popular diet you can think of over the years, but without any significant or lasting results and I was annoyed with how they were always trying to up-sell or cross-sell you into spending more money on their brand of snacks, gadgets, and ready-made meals.

Even though I work 50-60 hour weeks in a very high-pressure job, I found this program to be very easy to stick to since you can still eat carbs and real food without having to count calories or points and without starving yourself. Everything about the program is simple and uncomplicated, and the results come quickly if you stick to it. If it wasn’t so easy, I would not have been able to adapt to it and would have ditched it within the first two weeks.

My testimonial is as simple as the program, since my results speak for themselves… I shed exactly 9lbs in 30 days, dropped two dress sizes. And it was truthfully, very easy. 6 months later, not only is the weight not coming back on like all the diets I’ve tried in the past, I find myself effortlessly getting leaner and leaner without even trying!”

-- Leza H.

If you want long-term fat loss, you need a


simply starving your body of calories!





Simple: When we try to lose weight through starving it of calories, our bodies fight back!


On the surface, fat loss appears to be a very simple thing to do—just eat less calories and work out a little more. The problem is that when we try to do this, our bodies fight back with compensatory changes like hunger pangs, chronic fatigue, and lowered energy expenditure (a.k.a. A SLOWER METABOLISM), which act over time to slowly pile the fat back on.


In fact, our bodies have evolved a system whose primary job is to do precisely that:
To fight against the loss of body fat.


This system is known to obesity scientists as the bodyfat set-point system.


Basically, in much the same way that our body regulates things like blood oxygen levels, body temperature, sleep/wake cycles, and blood sugar, our bodies also regulates our level of body fat. When we lose weight (either from a famine or more likely in the modern world, a diet), the bodyfat set-point system switches on mechanisms to “defend” the normal level of fat mass. It does this first through simple hunger, and then if you don’t eat adequately, the body will engage all sorts of mechanisms to decrease energy expenditure (metabolism slowdown, decreased NEAT, and lethargy).

Here is the basic principle of how the bodyfat setpoint system operates:

In essence, your fat cells are in constant feedback with your brain’s bodyfat setpoint system through a hormone secreted by the fat cells known as leptin. (More bodyfat = more leptin in the blood. Less bodyfat = less leptin in the blood).  As fat cells are depleted (during either a famine or more likely in the modern world, a weight loss diet), the brain gets the signal that the body is being starved and then acts to survive the period of food shortage--by first increasing hunger, and then, if you don’t eat, it decreases energy expenditure. During a period of overeating, the setpoint system does the opposite in order to drive bodyfat levels back down. Overweight and obesity arise when this system becomes dysfunctional and begins defending higher and higher levels of fat mass.

When you try to lose weight through depriving your body of calories and doing workouts, you are

And here’s the end result of fighting against your biology: You spin your wheels in an endless cycle of diet and exercise programs, only to eventually regain all the weight you lose, and then start the cycle all over again.

The reason this happens is because of the bodyfat setpoint system in our brain.



I’m going to show you why understanding all this
is so critical to your fat loss success in just a second,
but stick with me for just another minute...



Because in order to understand how to stop fighting against out biology and spinning our wheels, the next thing we really need to grasp is WHY DO WE HAVE THIS SYTEM IN OUR BRAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE?


Simple: Having a system built into your biology that allows you slow down your metabolism during times of low food intake is immensely valuable for surviving inevitable periods of famine or food shortage.


In other words, it’s not a mistake that we have evolved this system—it is what allowed our ancestors to survive inevitable periods of food shortage!


But here’s the key point:

When you go on a diet, all you’re doing is replicating a famine.
For your body, it perceives a diet as a FAMINE.

And our bodies have been programmed by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to be EXTRAORDINARILY GOOD about surviving periods of food shortage/diet and returning to our normal level of bodyfat after the food shortage/diet is over.


Ironically, the very thing that allowed us to survive for so long is now the bane of our existence because this bodyfat setpoint system is why 95% of people fail to achieve lasting fat loss through diet and exercise.


As obesity researcher Stephan Guyenet explains: “... This is where the calories in/calories out theory fails—it does not account for this dynamic regulation of energy balance.” Source Kresser, C. Stephan Guyenet on the Causes and Treatment of Obesity. Retrieved from:


In other words, the “eat less and burn more” approach to fat loss fails to achieve lasting fat loss because our biology is literally programmed NOT to allow us to starve ourselves into permanent fat loss.



So when you try to achieve fat loss through simple calorie restriction diets, you’re fighting against your own biology!

And this is a battle that you just can’t win in the long run.


Your Brain’s Bodyfat Setpoint System
is the Master-- You are The Slave to It. 
So you can either try to fight it,
or you can WORK WITH IT!

I’ll let Guyenet explain:


“...Fat mass is biologically regulated.  So, it’s not just the result of conscious decisions to eat less or exercise more or eat more.  It’s a biologically regulated process ... It has been shown in a number of studies in both animals and humans that if you restrict calories, you can produce fat loss.  There’s no doubt about that.  You also produce a loss of lean body mass.  But as soon as you allow that animal or person to eat as much as they want to eat again, they bounce right back up to their original fat mass.  And that occurs whether you start with someone who is overweight or someone who is lean.  So, at least short-term changes in fat mass are compensated for very quickly by the body, and there are a number of mechanisms that are designed to pull fat mass back into the place where the body wants it.”



Source: Kresser, C. (2010). Episode 1 – Stephan Guyenet on causes and treatment of obesity.

Podcast retrieved from

To put it simply:


The “burn more calories than you take in” approach to fat loss fails because it ignores the simple fact that your biology is wired to prevent you from actually succeeding in burning more calories than you take in for any significant length of time.

The bodyfat setpoint system in our brain is the real master of the situation. You can fight it through diet and exercise and maybe achieve some short-term fat loss, but if you choose to fight against your own biology, eventually it will win out and the weight will come back.


So how do you stop fighting against your biology,


What We Need is Not Just Starving Our Bodies of Calories or Carbs (which is always short-term fat loss, at best).


 We Need to Re-Program the Bodyfat Setpoint in Your Brain!

How Do You Re-Program The Bodyfat Setpoint
in Your Brain?

As Guyenet explains,


"If there's one thing that's consistent in the medical literature, it's that telling people to eat fewer calories isn't a very effective fat loss strategy... Many people who use this strategy see transient fat loss, followed by fat regain and a feeling of defeat. There's a simple reason for it: the body doesn't want to lose weight. It can be difficult to fight the fat mass setpoint, and the body will use every tool it has to maintain its preferred level of fat: hunger, increased interest in food, reduced body temperature, higher muscle efficiency (i.e., less energy is expended for the same movement), lethargy, lowered immune function, et cetera.


Therefore, what we need for sustainable fat loss is not starvation; we need a treatment that lowers the fat mass setpoint. There are several criteria that this treatment will have to meet to qualify:


 1 It must cause fat loss

 2 It must not involve deliberate calorie restriction

 3 It must maintain fat loss over a long period of time

 4 It must not be harmful to overall health”



Source: Guyenet, S. (2010, January 31). The body fat setpoint, part iv: Changing the setpoint.
Retrieved from

What he has outlined here are the fundamental principles for long-term fat loss success—these four principles are the blueprint to a new scientific approach to lasting fat loss.


Basically, you can’t achieve lasting fat loss through simply STARVING your body of calories. You have to work WITH YOUR BIOLOGY, rather than against it.


You do this not by trying to starve your body of calories, but by re-setting the bodyfat setpoint in the brain.


This is a fundamentally different approach than the simple “eat less and exercise more” approach. (You know, the one mentioned above with a 95% failure rate).


This is addressing the specific factors that cause the brain’s bodyfat setpoint system to dysfunction in the first place!

Enter the
Forever Fat Loss Formula

10 New Habits and 21 Days to Permanent
Body Transformation

This program will show you the EXACT factors that cause the bodyfat setpoint system in your brain to dysfunction in the first place, and show you how to RE-PROGRAM your brain for automatic fat loss.


There are 10 very specific habits (none of which are “eat less,” “eat fewer carbs,” or “go to the gym more”) that you must have in place in order to re-program your bodyfat set-point.


And if even 2 or 3 of these factors are off, you will be destined for endless struggle and weight yo-yo-ing without ever achieving lasting fat loss.


But if you do these 10 specific habits well, you will very reliably and predictably lower your bodyfat set-point and lose fat almost effortlessly. (As close to effortless as fat loss gets!)


And you’ll do that WITHOUT hunger, without suffering, without forced deprivation, and generally speaking, with ease.


The Forever Fat Loss Formula will show the EXACT HABITS that you need to be doing every day to achieve your fat loss goals.


No more messing around with weight loss gimmicks, magic pills, pseudoscience, or fad diets.


Just the REAL SCIENCE of the exact habits you need to have in order to lower your bodyfat setpoint and achieve PERMANENT fat loss--in the fastest and most powerful way possible.

Do the habits of a given level, and it is almost
a certainty that you will have the body that goes
with that level of habits.


No more guess work. This program shows you the exact habits you need to have in order to reach and maintain your goals.


Now, I’m not going to tell you any unrealistic or scammy stuff like “lose 30 pounds by doing this 1 weird trick for just 2 minutes a day” or “no need to change any of your normal nutrition or other lifestyle habits, just eat these 5 special foods” and “just by taking this pill you can lose a pound per day.”


Hopefully you realize that all that sort of stuff is a scam.


This program isn’t magic, and it doesn’t do all the work for you. You do have to do something.


But I will show you EXACTLY what those somethings should be, and I will give you access to the closest thing to effortless fat loss in existence--the most powerful system ever created for lowering your bodyfat setpoint.


The different levels of habits for all of the 10 factors are spelled out for you, and you simply have to choose what level you are at, do those habits, and you will start moving towards that BODY!


When we’re talking about changing our body composition (or health), we’re fundamentally talking about different lifestyle habits. In order to get different results in terms of our body composition or health, we need to start implementing new habits.


Habits--that’s the key word here. When we are talking about achieving lasting, permanent fat loss, everything needs to framed in the context of lifelong habits--NOT quick fixes and magic pills!




Consider this quote from obesity scientist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff:


“My weight management philosophy has always been rather straightforward - whatever you choose to do to lose your weight, you need to keep doing to keep it off, and therefore choosing a weight loss modality you don't enjoy is just a recipe for regain. ... There is one essential commonality for those who succeed where others fail - if you're going to keep it off you've got to like how you've lost it enough to keep doing it.”


This is a big shift from how most people approach fat loss. Most people want to approach it as a matter of doing some 10-day juice cleanse, or 20-day “lose a pound a day” low calorie diet, or a 30-day ultra low-carb diet, or 60-day diet and workout programs where you bust your butt for 60 days in order to achieve fat loss.


I’m talking about an approach fundamentally at odds with these approaches:




Anytime you’re approaching fat loss through the frame of adopting some program that is either a short-term 12-day, 30-day, or 90-day program, or a program that consists of methods which are fundamentally unsustainable--due to the side effects such as fatigue, metabolism slowdown, hunger pangs, etc--you are wasting your time.


You will be destined to regain any of the weight you lose, and all your hard work, sacrifice, and suffering through deprivation will have been for nothing. Because as long as you don’t maintain those habits, when you eventually return to your previous habits, you will return to having the same body.


What we need is not more magic pills and “quick fix” crash diets. We don’t need any more scams and gimmicks than the millions of scammy weight loss programs already out there.


We need the REAL SCIENCE of the exact habits that will re-program our bodyfat set-point and DRIVE US towards our dream body on autopilot.



“If You Are Sick Of Suffering Through Insane Diets And Painful Exercise Routines, Perhaps You Need To Start Asking Different Questions.”

 Did you know that something called N.E.A.T. (all the movement you do outside of your workout) is far MORE important than what kind of workouts you’re doing? It literally changes the way the appetite regulation center in your brain works and programs your cells to either be lazy or fat burning machines. (And that if you have low N.E.A.T, it completely negates the benefits of your workouts--even if you’re doing hour-long workouts every day?)  Did you know your circadian rhythm (the part of your brain that regulates your sleep/wake cycle) has as big of an impact on your waistline as YOUR DIET? (And nope, this is not just a simple matter of sleeping 8 hours every night--it’s affected by tons of different factors from light exposure to exercise timing to meal timing).  Do you know that certain types of food literally affect the hedonic (or reward/pleasure center) of the brain in such a way that dramatically changes how many calories you end up eating at the end of the day (and how fat you or lean you get)? (It completely changes the way your brain’s appetite center and metabolism center operate so that over time, you either get fat or lean).

The answers to these questions and questions like them often hold the secret to why you can’t lose weight, even if you’ve struggled with diet and exercise for years.


What if I told you it was possible to eat however much you want and still drop the fat?


You’d think I was a lunatic most probably, but people manage this all over the world every day using my special formula for what’s called ad libitum fat loss (which means fat loss while eating at your pleasure--as in, eating to fullness). As long as you follow these specific principles I outline, you can eat however much food you want. That’s starving hunger suffering. Eat to FULLNESS and still lose fat.


Thousands of people are following the Forever Fat Loss Formula and achieving this every day. So why not you?



Why. Not. You?


Forever Fat Loss has worked for ALL of these people and it will continue to work for hundreds of others who learn to look at weight loss in a new way…




These testimonials are all unsolicited and unbiased REAL testimonials from REAL people.

40lbs lost in 4 months!

Your program Forever Fat Loss Formula helped me reverse a decade of dietary dogma and flat out misinformation.  I’ve lost almost forty lbs since about April and feel great, eating more than I have in years.

Physician Review: “The Methods in This Program Could Cure The Obesity Epidemic”

“As a physician I highly recommend Mr. Whitten's approach. I commend him for bringing this important, yet forgotten concept of the body fat set-point, to the public view. The methods in this program could cure the obesity epidemic as well as help many non obese people achieve improved health and well being.”

-- Dr. Wade Smith, M.D.

Superb summary of the obesity research

and very credible strategy for weight control

“The thing that distinguishes this approach is that Ari neatly sidesteps most of the usual politics and economics of food, the bizarre fanaticisms of the fitness industry, the various diet cults, and the well-meaning but useless advice usually given out of frustration by physicians. Instead, he simply reviews the current state of the research in obesity and its causes, and offers a simple high-level counter-strategy based on that review.”

-- Todd Stark

It works!!!

“I love this program. It is genius. I ordered it about a month ago and have already lost 8 pounds and I feel great. I had the hardest time loosing weight after my second child was born. I was eating nothing and working out a ton and not only was I not losing weight but I was gaining. After reading getting this program I started eating more food and instead of avoiding hunger pangs and cravings I can give into them and give my body what it is asking for. And I actually stopped exercising and have just increased my NEAT and the pounds have been falling off. You have to get the program to understand but this is seriously an answer to my prayers. I have so much more energy to do the things I love with the people I love. I was a total skeptic but this program is full of truth. It doesn't teach you how to diet–it teaches you how to live and it is something that is totally doable no matter what stage of life you are in. Worth every penny.”

-- Trevor D.

Everything I want to tell my patients about dieting, weight loss, carbs, and physiology.

“I'm a registered dietitian and I've been looking for a concise, summarized version of everything I've learned in the years since I discovered Matt Stone, Ray Peat, and the general idea of metabolism. I think I've found it! ”

-- Nicole (Registered Dietician)

Truly outstanding work

“I have worked almost 20 years as a coach, author and teacher in the field of training and nutrition, and if I were to sum up the culmination of all my research and practical experience into one book, it would be almost identical to the Forever Fat Loss Formula.”

-- Borge Fagerli, Renowed Fitness and Nutrition Expert

This program could change your life.

“I cried when I went through this program. Out of frustration for years spent without it and then out of relief for finding it. I have gained and lost the same 20 pounds at least 10 times over the past 20 years. I have always felt like such a failure. I've been to doctors, trainers, nutritionists, and they've all put me on low cal, low carb diets. I always put the weight back on. This program explained that I haven't failed, the experts have failed me. Thank you so much Ari Whitten! Weight is coming off more slowly BUT consistently. If you've struggled like I have, this is the book for you.”


7lbs gone in 2 weeks gone thanks to this program

“I bought this program 2 weeks ago as last effort to lose weight. I have been struggling with my weight and had done everything from having my thyroid checked to visiting a weight loss clinic. I cut calories, doubled up my workouts, everything I thought should help but never lost a single pound. After getting this program, I raised my calorie intake and quit depriving myself and I've lost 7 pounds already! This program and Ari has helped me so much!! I'd highly recommend this to anyone!”

-- Sally M.

Five Stars

“Revolutionary new research to fat loss. It was eye opening and mind blowing!”

-- Dean Peddle

Finally the truth about weight loss!

“I read this book and couldn't get enough of it. In the first half, the author explains the real science behind weight loss and weight gain (as opposed to the glossy magazines' pseudo science of 'calories in, calories out'). I didn't cry as one of the reviewers had :-) but I was seriously on the brink of it. Getting this program was the "Yes!" moment of my entire weight-battling life. One thing I really want to mention: even though some of the things Ari says may be already familiar to you, they fall into a picture like I personally have never seen before. …It's true that the author's system does require some changes in one's lifestyle, but they're not half as challenging as having to follow various restrictive 'diets' or finding time to exercise.  I'm absolutely serious when I say that this can in fact be the last weight loss program you ever need.”

-- A. van D.

Truly New Approach

“Great Book. I have read 40 or 50 different diet books. This program turns out not to be just another “diet”, but a new approach to lifestyle habits that will support your natural biological function to be lean and healthy. …Loved it!”

-- Sarina Brown

35 lbs lost in 6 months!

“Since I started your program in May I have gone from 230lbs to now 195lbs.

-- Ediz S.

The Forever Fat Loss Formula

Forever Fat Loss takes you step by step through scientifically proven methods for increasing health and shedding excess fat, and so much more…

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