Full transparency disclosure: Please note that many of the below products are affiliate links. If you use the below links, I make a small commission off the sale. This does not in any way increase your purchase price of these products. Nor have I engaged in any activity where I am recommending products that I do not really believe in, in order to make money. These are all products that I personally use and believe in, and these are the cheapest possible places you can get these items. Having said that, some people are weird when it comes to affiliate links, and are inherently distrustful. If for any reason, you wish to go through other links and buy these products without using my links, that is totally fine if it makes you feel better. But I do greatly appreciate your use of the below links–you get the best product at the best price, and you support me in the process. Everyone wins.

Water Filters and Water Bottles:

Good Clean Pure Water is essential to good health. If you’re drinking tap water, or out of plastic containers, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Gravity-fed filters (like Big Berkey, or any alternative brand, since they’re all basically the same, like Doulton or AquaCera) are the absolute best in filtration technology–they remove not only all inorganic waste and microorganisms, but also all chlorine byproducts, fluoride, hormone-disrupting chemical residues and traces of various prescription drugs that taint municipal drinking water sources.

Removal of fluoride (and all halogens, like chlorine) from your drinking water is essential to repairing thyroid and metabolic health. The only other filtration technologies that work are distillation (which I don’t recommend because it strips water of minerals) and reverse osmosis (which works great for producing pure water, but wastes a great deal of water). PLease note that ALL other kinds of water filtration technologies (Brita, 99% of countertop filters, etc.) are completely INADEQUATE. You need one of three technologies mentioned above, or you need to be drinking pure mountain spring water from a delivery service. Make sure you’re drinking pure water.

Note: I no longer recommend Big Berkey, as I have heard too many complaints of parts breaking. This is not an issue with other brands like Doulton or AquaCera (which, as luck would have it, you can get for cheaper than Big Berkey). If you do, you still need the advanced filters–I personally use the AquaCera with Cerametix filters and added fluoride filters. (See below for those links).

Drinking bottles (but a cheap glass juice bottle at the grocery store and re-use that, or if you want something nicer, use these:

 Exercise Programs

Many people want to know what type of exercise I recommend for fat loss. First of all, make sure you are following the recommendations in my programs as far as ramping up NEAT and daily walking before even considering doing intense workouts. Once you have those movement habits in place, in general, I recommend a combination of resistance exercise, intervals and especially bodyweight-based training.

I have co-designed a program with fitness and nutrition expert Natalie Jill for fat loss based around the latest scientific research on training for fat loss. It is called the SuperShred, and you can find it by CLICKING THE PHOTO BELOW:




Please note that the below supplements are NOT REQUIRED. The NUTRIENTS are required for optimal metabolic function–it’s up to you whether you want to get them from whole foods, supplements, or both.

These supplements are the top quality supplements in each of their categories, and whether or not you use my affiliate links, I strongly encourage you to purchase these specific brands for each product. There is a reason I recommend these specific brands–in almost every case. For example, for vitamin E, most brands put vitamin E in a base of omega-6 vegetable oil, whereas the brand I recommend using only pure vitamin e with no fillers. Other brands use synthetic vitamin E (which is not supported by science, and may even be harmful), while the brand I recommend uses only natural vitamin E. Vitamin D and K are the same with regard to the vegetable oils. Many vitamin A supplements use the wrong form of vitamin A (beta carotene instead of retinyl palmitate) and put it in a base of vegetable oils. You get the idea… the specific products below are the highest quality product in their respective categories, and amazon is almost always the cheapest place to buy them.

Vitamin B:


Vitamin K2:



For females, if your blood tests show low prgesterone:




Magnesium salt and oil:

Note: It’s MUCH cheaper to make your own magnesium oil from the magnesium salt listed above. Just mix equal parts magneisum salt and warm water… VOILA… magnesium oil. (Not actually an oil, it’s just water and magnesium, but has a thick viscosity that makes it feel “oily”).

Oral magnesium:

Epsom salt for baths:



Digestive enzymes:



Standing Desk:

Basic treadmill for use with your own standing desk:

Play tools to increase NEAT while working (choose 2-3 that fit best with your personality and work set-up):


An ideal setup:



Choose whichever you prefer:

Cold water soluble:


Grass-fed Whey Protein

Grass-fed meats


For making your own sauces and dressings:

Circadian Rhythm Reset:



Instead of an alarm clock:


Blue-blocking screens for TVs, cell phones, and computers:

For computer screens and TVs:

For phones:

Blue-Blocking sunglasses:


Cooling Vest:

The Cool Fat Burner. Use the discount code “AriCFB5” to get 5% off your order.